我想住在更大的城市? 准备好转移您的 社区大学证书 去上大学? 只是想找点不一样的东西? 十大赌博平台排行榜已经准备好欢迎你!

To Be Considered A Transfer Student You Must Meet One of the Following Criteria:

  • Full- or part-time degree-seeking students who have taken 24 or more transferable college credit hours since high school graduation or completion of the GED.
  • Students who have less than 24 transferring graded credit hours must meet the requirements specified for new freshman applicants.


  1. 申请人必须获得最低平均绩点(GPA) 2.0对4.0学分制适用于24个或以上可转换的分级学分
  2. Applicants must submit an official transcript from each college attended demonstrating they have left the institution “in good standing.”
  3. 申请人必须是高中毕业生或有GED.
  4. Kansas Wesleyan must conduct an unofficial and official degree audit to determine which courses transfer to KWU.

Please note: Grades earned on the quarter-term system do not transfer at the full credit listed on the transcript. Quarter-term hours compute at two-thirds of KWU credit hours; e.g.4个学期的学时等于2.67学时. 登记官办公室编制官方等值.


As a result of a 2022 agreement between the Kansas Independent College Association (KICA) and Kansas community colleges, any student who earns an AA or AS from a Kansas community college (or other KICA institution) and then transfers to a KICA four-year institution shall enter with “junior standing” (i.e. having been deemed to have satisfied their general education requirements), except for up to 9 credit hours in mission/theology/religion as required in the institution’s general education requirements. KWU还提供堪萨斯进步奖学金, 保证至少20美元,每年为堪萨斯社区大学的毕业生提供1万美元的奖学金.


1. 提交的应用程序

  • 填写在线本科申请 点击这里.
  • 不可退还的20美元.可能需要支付00英镑申请费.

2. 把你的成绩单寄给我们

They need to be sent to KWU directly from EVERY accredited college you have ever attended, 以及高中成绩单,如果适用的话. If you have taken dual credit courses, the college involved must send us a transcript as well.


电子邮件 (电子邮件保护)

Fax to (785) 404-1485 (note that high school transcripts must include a cover sheet)

100 E. Claflin于大街.20号包厢
萨利纳,KS 67401

Please remember that transcripts are only official if they are sent directly from the school. 你的高中成绩单必须包括毕业日期, and a college/university transcript is not final if classes are listed as IP (in progress) on it.

Final transcripts will be required before beginning classes at Kansas Wesleyan.

3. 完成你的FAFSA

注册你的FSA ID. 以便签署受抚养学生的FAFSA, a parent or guardian will also need a FSA ID linked to a unique email address. All federal student aid information is available electronically at studentaid.政府. 在您收到确认您的信息的电子邮件后, 你可以使用你的FSA ID来完成FAFSA. KWU’s priority deadline is March 15, and Kansas Wesleyan’s school code is #001929. Check your MyKWU portal (MyKWU/Students/Financial Info/金融援助 Document Tracking) for any other items that may be necessary.

4. 保留您的位置

Once you have been accepted and have reviewed your financial aid award package, send in your non-refundable enrollment fee to reserve your residence hall room, 奖学金或助学金, 并且允许在课堂上注册.  Once you have paid your deposit then you can fill out your residence hall application.

5. 被录取学生的下一步

如果您已被接受,请单击 在这里 看看你的下一步!

With support from our friendly faculty and staff, you’ll hit the ground running  充分利用你之前的经验,并在中大转换学分.

看看你是否准备好了. 被考虑为转学生, 你必须符合我们对全日制和非全日制学生的录取标准.


We will work with you to make sure the Kansas Wesleyan experience is affordable for you and your family. 从我们的 净价计算器.


加入我们的转学生访问日. Discover for yourself why so many transfer students find the Kansas Wesleyan a friendly and welcoming community. 住在州外? 看看 我们的网上旅游.


KWU很荣幸能与Transferology合作, an independent service that helps college students evaluate how their coursework will go from institution to institution! 点击链接 输入您的课程并开始.


如果你从堪萨斯州的其他学校转到KWU, 这个链接将显示课程 可在社区学院就读,以及如何转学至中大.



If you have questions about an articulation agreement or the transfer process in general, 或者如果你没有在这里看到你的学校, 请与中大招生办公室联络,电话 (电子邮件保护).

Articulation agreements between 十大赌博平台排行榜 and our partner schools provide peace of mind in the transfer process by ensuring your credit hours will transfer to KWU. While Kansas Wesleyan welcomes applications for admission from any student, the articulation agreements pertain to students earning an Associate of Arts (AA) or Associate of Science (AS) degree.

  • 如果你在合作学校获得了AA或AS, 你被十大赌博平台排行榜录取了.
  • 当学生们计划转到十大赌博平台排行榜时, they should know we apply credit hours toward Liberal Studies requirements as follows. 最少的 24学时 通识教育, 以及分布在以下领域, 须取得学士学位. Liberal Studies hours totaling less than 24学时 shall be accepted, but transfer students must complete the remainder of this requirement before graduation from 十大赌博平台排行榜, 这可能需要一个额外的学期. 根据本协议,需要:
  • 获得学士学位, the student must complete at least two courses from each of the categories below. Students must also complete at least one course from each of at least four different academic divisions in the KWU Liberal Studies Program.


  • 个人意识
  • 人类的表达
  • 社区与世界探索
  • 自然世界管理
  • 如果你的累积绩点低于2分.5, KWU officials will work with you to determine your potential for success and discuss available academic support programming.
  • 如果你的累积GPA是2.75分或以上,你将有资格获得学术奖学金.
  • Participating students must complete the Wesleyan Heritage (INTD 115) course.
  • Participating students must complete one Quantitative Reasoning Course from the following list:
    • 数学120
    • 数学121
    • 数学145
    • 201年的今天
    • 221年的今天
  • Participating students must complete the following two Writing Intensive Courses with a grade of at least C– or higher:
    • engl120和engl121



如果您所在学校的协议日期为2015年或更早, please know we are in the process of working with your school’s officials to update the articulation language. 这完全与十大赌博平台排行榜新的通识研究项目有关. Students from our partner institutions remain valued future members of the Kansas Wesleyan community and we are committed to making your transfer easy.

如果你的学校不在这里, 请联系Ken Oliver, 负责发展和大学运营的执行副总裁 (电子邮件保护).